We have five biblical community values that sustain us:

Carried By God’s Extravagant Love

All that we do and are is rooted and sustained by God’s lavish, unearned love, favour and forgiveness towards us. This profound grace delivers us from unhealthy striving, competition and condemnation of ourselves or judgment of others.

Pausing To Party & Mark Milestones

Directing our celebrations to God in worship, we look for excuses to throw parties, consciously marking every milestone and achievement – no matter how small! We want to be people of generosity, who refuse to take ourselves too seriously.

Noticing God’s Fingerprints

In our lives, in our homes, in our communities and in our world, we honour God and renew our souls by recognising and creating beauty. In particular, we want to see and celebrate the beauty inherent in ourselves and in each other. We acknowledge the beauty of God's creation and understand that God has entrusted us with the responsibility to work for its care and protection.

Dancing With The Creator’s Spirit

By allowing our senses, our imaginations, our minds and bodies to fulfil their God-given potentials for creativity, we glorify God. We believe it does our souls good (and pleases God) when we create, through writing and storytelling, poetry, cooking, music, painting and other art forms.

Being Still, Being Refreshed

God calls us to regular rhythms of work, rest and reflection – weekly Sabbaths and regular holy-days (holidays). We seek to obey God’s command to rest in order to be refreshed, to be still and to deepen our relationship with him and one another.


These five values serve as a counterbalance to our five principles, for the latter set, taken on its own, is a recipe for burnout.
  • Celebration and joy come from an awareness of God's grace: the realization that we are so loved that we have been freed from having to earn God's favour. Find rest in the awareness that God's goodness is greater than our failings.
    Kristin Jack