Here are a few of the strategies we employ in Servants as we prayerfully work for the transformation of our impoverished neighbourhoods.

Partnerships & Networks

We dream of catalysing movements that will transform the lives of the urban poor. Since local Christians are at the heart of what God is doing in this world, we consult and partner with local churches. We build relationships with individuals, churches, missions, Government agencies and NGOs who share our concern for the urban poor.


Developing Disciples and Servant Leaders

We want to be, and to nurture disciples who will live out the teachings of Christ. We also seek to raise up servant-hearted local leaders who will equip the body of Christ rather than build an institution.


Founding and Nurturing Christian Communities

We listen and learn first, to see what God is already doing in people’s lives and communities. Then, where appropriate, through sensitive evangelism and discipleship we establish local Christian communities who will live as radical followers of Jesus.


Community Transformation

We work with the poor to see their communities transformed. Because we live amongst them, we gain a deeper understanding of the local language and culture and can thus build deeper relationships. We recognise that the poor have resources to contribute to their own transformation. Sustainable transformation depends more on mobilising those ideas, skills, energies and resources than on outside monetary contributions. Our gifts and external resources are offered to build the capacity of the poor community.


Localization and Empowerment

We aim to empower local people and their organizations. Initially, we may establish a Christian community, ministry or business, but from the beginning we work towards handing over responsibility to local people with appropriate structures and budgets.



Disasters and hard times are frequent in the lives of the poor. We help individuals and whole communities at such times to identify and access assistance to relieve suffering and advance justice, without creating long-term dependency. Such work includes helping them become less vulnerable to future crises and addressing root causes.



Through prayer, worship, advocacy and non-violent direct action we will stand with the poor in opposing injustice and in proclaiming the Kingdom. We follow Christ's teaching and example which refuses to use violence, but works for peace and reconciliation. We promote the rights, needs and aspirations of the poor among the middle class and rich, building bridges wherever we can.


Future Growth

We are open to God leading us into new cities and new countries based on the calling of new Members, invitations from local organisations and research into strategic opportunities consistent with our ethos.