How We Organize Ourselves

The Rise Of Urban PovertyIn Servants we think of ourselves less as a mission organization (or charity or NGO), and more in these organic and Biblical terms:


We Are A Body:

In Servants we see each team and every member as essential parts of the whole, functioning much as organs or limbs do in a body. We avoid hierarchies, and although there are some of us who have distinct leadership roles, we do not consider them to be more important, since we are all vital to this work we are all called to do.

We Are A Family:

Our model of community is the Trinity, which models mutual love and interdependence. We seek to put the needs of our brothers and sisters before the needs of the organisation.

We Are A Movement:

Servants is an organic movement rather than an institution, where people are inspired by a vision to change the world and to lay down their lives for others. We aim to be dynamic and Spirit-led, responsive to new situations and challenges.

We Are A Community:

We cannot fulfill the mission Jesus gives us for this world as isolated individuals. He calls us to community, and we need each other. We are called (and sent) to be communities that live to extend God’s reign in this world. We are a community that exists to do mission, and a mission that exists to live in community.

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