Our vision is to see the urban poor and their communities transformed by the power of Christ.

Servants has been ministering in the mega-cities of Asia for over 30 years. The movement was started by Viv Grigg, who was working as a missionary in Manila and over a period of four years became increasingly burdened by the desperate situation of the millions of poor in the city. He was astounded to find no missionary living in the slums. And so he became the first, renting a room in the squatter settlement of Tatalon. Out of that, came a movement to reach the poorest of the poor in Asia and around the world: Servants to Asia’s Urban Poor. Servants has established teams in the Philippines, Indonesia, Cambodia, two cities in India, Myanmar, Canada, and the UK, as well as Sending Offices in North America, Australia, New Zealand, UK, Philippines and Switzerland. We are now praying that God will raise up new teams to minister amongst the urban poor in Thailand and China.

The Urban Poor Are The World’s Largest Unreached People Group:
At the beginning of the 21st Century, a major shift in the demographics of the world’s population took place. No longer are most of the world rural peoples. Now, more than 50% of our population lives in towns and cities. The past century has seen the most massive migration in human history — that of people to the cities. The result is overcrowding and poverty on a scale never known before. Poverty, overcrowded slums, inadequate sanitation, injustice and exploitation, a lack of health and education services, prostitution and child exploitation, HIV/AIDS and rampant disease are all part of the hopelessness that to millions is daily life.

Yet There Is Hope:
Jesus came to bring the ‘good news’ of eternal life, wholeness and healing to the poor (Luke 4:18) and the Bible speaks often of our responsibility to them. The urban poor are the largest and neediest unreached people group confronting today’s church. We ignore this challenge at our peril: “I was hungry… and you gave me nothing to eat” (Jesus, Matthew 25:31-46)