How To Join A Servants Team – The Application & Preparation Process:

We’re glad you’ve heard about Servants and resonate with our vision, principles and values. If you’re interested in joining a Servants team, contact us early on so we can be in conversation as you discern God’s will. We’re always happy to answer questions and tell you more about Servants. And please know, we won’t pressure you into joining us. We ultimately want you to follow God’s call upon your life, whatever that may be.

Our Discernment & Formation Process:

Over the years, Servants has developed and refined our discernment and formation process, to help ensure that those who become Servants workers are suitably equipped to serve in an Asian slum or in an inner-city neighborhood in the West. Servants is committed to ensuring you are well prepared so that you can be sustained in your calling amongst the poor. Your discernment and formation with Servants will include:

  • Complete our application form
  • A phone or in-person interview
  • Completing a psychological assessment
  • Growth in personal awareness
  • Spiritual formation and ministry experience
  • Building relationships with your sending church
  • Readings about the theology and ethos of Servants
  • Attending a two-weeklong Servants training course
  • Visiting the team you’re thinking of joining
  • Where to Begin - The Application Form:

      If you’d like to be considered for a team, the first step is to complete our online application. Submitting an application doesn’t mean you’ve made up your mind and are ready to join a Servants team.  Rather, it signifies that you’d like to explore that possibility together with us. Upon receiving your application, we’ll pair you up with a Servants mentor who will journey with you through this process.