Servants Sending Offices

Our Sending Offices in the USA, Canada, Australia, United Kingdom, Switzerland, New Zealand and the Philippines provide the backbone to our work amongst the poor. We are working to see these offices organized into three areas: advocacy, member care and administration, each with a coordinator. If you would like to offer your abilities, time or resources in any of these areas pick up the phone or drop us an email for more information:


Aung San Suu Kyi said it best: “use your liberty to promote ours” and so advocacy is all about inspiring people to be involved in God’s Kingdom purposes, his ministry of transforming the urban poor and their communities. This involves all the communication needs of Servants from newsletters and website to teaching and preaching in churches. We need people with writing, marketing and design skills, public speaking ability, web and technical expertise, campaigners, protesters, poets and creative types. If you would like to be a part of waving the flag on behalf of the poor, contact your local Servants office for more information.

Member Care:

The Apostle Paul said of the household of Stephanus (1 Cor. 15: 15-18) “…they refreshed my heart”. Refreshing the spirit of the team member is at the heart of our pastoral care section. People need care, especially those who are living and working in some of the world’s most extreme conditions, in slums and inner cities. Jesus calls us to “feed my lambs” and has chosen some amongst us to be care givers. The Bible has much to say about shepherds who neglect their sheep (Jeremiah 23:1,2; Ezekiel 34), but God will reward those who care for the flock. (1 Peter 5:2-4). If you are gifted in pastoral care or counselling, and have a heart for those who minister on the edges, contact us for more information about becoming part of the member care team.


Last but not least, there are a group of people who keep everything running smoothly.  They provide the financial and administrative support that is essential to see our resources well used, distributed in a timely manner and carefully accounted for. We are always short of administrators and people with financial training so contact us if you would like to serve the poor in this area.

Use the tabs below to find out more about each of our sending teams.


Email Phone Number Address For details on financial support
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Financial Partners page
australia[at] +61733673802 PO Box 259
Red Hill, Brisbane,
Australia 4059


If you’re interested in Servants and you live in Australia – you’re not alone! A network of us across the country promote the work of Servants, participate in discernment, prepare folk to make the move to a slum, and to make staying there as hassle-free as possible.

The Servants Australia office is located in Brisbane at Windsor Road Baptist Church, and provides the hub for a number of volunteers. Individuals with skills, experience and interest in Servant alongside the poor are in each State, and at times are available for face-to-face discussions.

Links to Other Organisations:
We are active members of

We find we have a lot in common with


Email Phone Number Address For details on financial support
and donations, please see the
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canada[at] +16042881424 Chinatown PO Box 88195,
Vancouver BC,
V6A 4A5,


Servants Canada is the main office for Servants in North America. This is what we are working towards:

  • Locally: Through the Servants Vancouver community, playing a part in seeing God’s Kingdom come amongst our urban poor neighbours in the Downtown Eastside, Vancouver. We live in the Downtown Eastside as an intentional Christian community, practising radical hospitality and sharing our lives and the love of Jesus in simple and practical ways with the surrounding community. Our emphasis is on building relationships with our neighbours, rather than service delivery.
  • Regionally: Creating a hub for Servants ministry in and from North America, grounded in a prophetic lifestyle and grassroots work in the inner city, but with a global vision. We run training courses in urban mission, speak at churches and festivals and mentor people towards mission who have a calling to the urban poor. Our aim is to blur the line between "home" and "field" in missions, creating a sense of flow between Asia and the West.
  • Globally: Speaking up on behalf of the 2/3 of the world’s poor who live in Asia. Advocacy on behalf of Asia’s urban poor is an important aspect of our calling, and what better place to do so than in a city where at least one in four trace their family to that continent. We are passionate about contributing an international vision of God’s heart for the urban poor to the local church and Christians in Vancouver and beyond. Join us on Tuesday nights for our Creative Justice advocacy group.

Office Volunteer Opportunities:
If you are interested in applying to volunteer with Servants, email us at canada[at]

Aotearoa New Zealand

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nz[at] +64800580547 PO Box 6382,
Dunedin 9059,
New Zealand


This is where it all began. Birthed within our local churches, Servants now has a rich and diverse heritage in Aotearoa New Zealand, with membership spanning all generations. Over 30 years of living among Asia's urban poor has not only informed the nature of our involvement in Asia, but has also shaped expressions of the kingdom here 'at home'. In relationship with local churches and intentional Christian communities, Servants has shaped and been shaped by those seeking to follow Christ's call to costly discipleship within NZ. Around thirty people are part of the NZ team with many more in a looser network of partners and fellow travellers inspired by Jesus' journey to the poor.

The purpose of the Servants NZ office is to support and encourage Kiwis working with Servants teams in Asia, and to be an advocate for the needs of their urban poor neighbours. We are also committed to promoting the Servants principles and values within our own contexts, seeking to encourage intentional Christian communities among the poor in NZ.

How you can be involved with Servants in NZ:

  • Support us in prayer: sign up for our prayer newsletter, and join a Servants prayer group in your region.
  • Support us on the ground: sign up to our contact database, attend upcoming events and join in with our community in your region, and invite Servants to talk about our principles and values with your church/community.
  • Support us financially: contribute to our work within NZ and Asia.
  • Become a 'Friend of Servants NZ': a community across NZ of those who identify with the Servants vision, principles and values.
  • Join one of our new Servants teams in Asia: See our Asia teams page.

For more information about any of these opportunities, or simply to say gidday, please contact a member of our team on the details above.


Email Phone Number Address For details on financial support
and donations, please see the
Financial Partners page
philservants[at] - Philippines Servants to Asia's Urban Poor,
Carolyn Bumanglag, LSCC Blk. 9. Lot 4,
Sitio Mendez, Baesa,
Quezon City,


Philippine Servants for Asia's Urban Poor is composed of people who saw Servants' distinct way of doing missions with the poor and hurting. It is our hope that we can challenge and encourage local churches to equip and engage younger generations to a wholistic approach of sharing the Gospel and follow in the footsteps of others who have joined Servants.

The sending team of 9 has a wide variety of experience in different ministry settings, including Lilok and Onesimo.


Email Phone Number Address For details on financial support
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Financial Partners page
switzerland[at] +41613828030 A. & N. Schmid,
Rotbergerstrasse 12,
CH-4054 Basel,


The Swiss Servants team is located at the border of Germany, Switzerland and France in a city called Basel. They are the main providers of chocolate for Servants worldwide and bring a European perspective to the Servants community.

United Kingdom

Email Phone Number Address For details on financial support
and donations, please see the
Financial Partners page
uk[at] - 12 Castle Avenue,
EH12 7JY,
United Kingdom


Servants UK has people involved in plenty of locations and at a variety of levels: from Scotland to Cornwall, from members of the Board of Trustees to those who join us at events or who simply receive our newsletters and prayer e-mails. The largest numbers geographically are in London and in the Midlands. The main purpose of Servants UK is to facilitate, support and expand the work of Servants in Asia and in the West. For more information, contact us on uk [at] .

In 2008, a Servants community was established in Southall, London, the second team to be a Western expression of the Servants vision and principles. Read more on the Servants Southall page.

United States

Email Phone Number Address For details on financial support
and donations, please see the
Financial Partners page
usa[at] +15408088337 133 N. Friendswood Drive,
PMB 343, Friendswood,
TX 77546,


Servants USA was established in 2007 to meet the growing interest from Americans in incarnational mission amongst the urban poor. Thankfully, the number of North Americans joining Servants continues to grow. In 2006, there were just two Americans in Servants. Today, there are over twenty, with many preparing to intern or join our teams.

Servants USA has an office in Texas which is primarily focused on administration and finances at the moment. The rest of our staff live in Vancouver, Canada; Los Angeles, California; Blacksburg, Virginia and Denver, Colorado. Board members are located in Texas, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and Florida. Advisory elders live in Washington and Wisconsin.