Recommended Books By Servants Missionaries And Advisors

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The Sound of Worlds Colliding (2010) is a collection of Servants' stories from ministry in the slums over the last 25 years. Edited by Kristin Jack, the book provides a comprehensive portrait of our lives and work amongst the poor. Philip Yancey says this about The Sound of Worlds Colliding: "You say you care about the poor. Then tell me, what are their names?" asked Gustavo Gutierrez. This book introduces us to the poor, their stories as well as their names. I felt a collision with my own world as I read these gripping accounts of life in the raw."

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The Urban Halo by Craig Greenfield (Authentic Media 2007). The Urban Halo was written in the final days before Craig and Nay Greenfield and their two children were evicted from the Cambodian slum they lived in for several years, to challenge conventional thinking on the needs of millions of orphans around the world and offer a creative new alternative. It is the story of their community, the orphans they met there, and the new paradigm in orphan-care that was birthed and now reaches hundreds of children orphaned by AIDS... Read more on the official Urban Halo website.

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Companion to the Poor: Christ In The Urban Slums (1990, updated in 2014) by Viv Grigg. When Viv Grigg, the co-founder of Servants, entered the Manila squatter settlement of Tatalon in 1979, he knew what he wanted to do, but not how to do it. The need was obvious - to establish a Christian church among Asia's forgotten people, the impoverished slum-dwellers of its vast megalopolises. The challenge was to find a way that did not treat people's spiritual needs in isolation from their poverty, without simply becoming another economic or social relief program with no evangelistic component.

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Cry of the Urban Poor (1992, revised 2005) It is the story of a young man's struggle in the slum of Tatalon, Manila. A struggle to find a way to live among the poor, preach good news to the poor, and transform the poverty. Entering into poverty, struggling with sickness, rejection and the many experiences of engagement in a dark place, out of it came the formation of a faith community and the birthing of a new pattern of evangelical theology of preaching grace, forming communities of faith and love, effecting economic change and doing justice.

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Leben als Familie in den Slums von Manila „Da leben keine Europäer!“, sagen die Einheimischen, als die Familie Schneider in die Slums von Manila zieht. Und doch werden Abfalldeponien und Wellblechhütten für viele Jahre ihr Zuhause. Hier begegnen sie dem Kronzeugen Bic, der todgeweihten Mariebell, dem Vergewaltiger Arol, der Milliardärin Dona, dem Widerstandskämpfer Noel, dem ausgebrannten Entwicklungshelfer Rob … Der fesselnde Erlebnisbericht des Ehepaars erzählt von unzähligen spannenden Begegnungen mit Menschen, von Freundschaft und Verrat, von Schusswechseln auf offener Straße und Überschwemmungen, von Gebeten, Träumen und Ängsten, von sinnlosem Sterben und sinnvollem Leben. Die Geschichte von Christine und Christian Schneider ist aufregend und aufrüttelnd. Sie erinnert daran, dass der christliche Glaube kein Fahrstuhl in den Himmel ist. Sondern der Motor, etwas zu bewegen. Hier und jetzt. Für Gott und Menschen.

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"No Europeans live there!" exclaim the locals when the Schneider family moves to the slums of Manila. Yet garbage dumps and tin shacks are to be their home for many years. It's here that they encounter chief witness Nick, doomed Jessabel, rapist Arol, billionaire Doña, guerilla Nardo, burnt-out development worker Rob ... The couple's gripping, first-hand account tells of countless fascinating encounters, of friendship and betrayal, of floods and shoot-outs in broad daylight, of prayers, dreams and fears, of meaningless death and meaningful life. Christian Schneider, a trained nurse, and his wife, Christine, a primary school teacher, spent over nine years with Servants in the slums of Manila with their two children. Through their life with the poor, they helped develop therapeutic communities for former drug addicts, prostitutes and street children. Christian and Christine now live back in Switzerland, but continue to support the aid organization Onesimo they founded in Manila.

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The New Friars: The Emerging Movement Serving The World's Poor by Scott Bessenecker (IVP 2006). There's a significant movement going on throughout the world: young people serving in solidarity with the poorest of the poor. This movement shares values and goals with ancient monastic and missional orders known as friars. But pouring yourself out in humble service looks different in every era. Scott Bessenecker looks at the new friars in the context of the old, inspiring us to look at the world differently: every person, regardless of station, is our brother or sister, and our love for God must translate into love for them. The book looks at 5 "New Friar" organizations, including Servants.

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Plan Be by Dave Andrews (Authentic Media 2008). Plan Be rescues the Beatitudes from their obscurity as a poetic introduction to Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount and reframes them as a set of radical ‘Be-Attitudes’ that can enable us to ‘be the change we want to see in the world’. According to Dave Andrews, who is on the Servants Board of elders, the ‘Be-Attitudes’ are an original, imaginative and brilliantly do-able set of realistic ideals that introduce us to Jesus’ ingenious way of engaging our world of poverty and violence. Visit the Plan Be website:

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Living Mission (2010). With a survey of the history of new friar movements, this seminal book, edited by Scott A. Bessenecker, paints a picture of mission that is new only because it has been neglected for so long, a mission that is truly good news to the people in its path. With contributions from Viv Grigg, Craig and Nayhouy Greenfield, Derek Engdahl, Jean-Luc Krieg, Chris Heuertz, Darren Prince, Jose Penate Aceves, John Hayes and Ash Barker, this book brings together a chorus of voices at the front lines of what God is doing through the new friar community.

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Poetry And Prophecy

After living in the slums of Phnom Penh, Cambodia for 17 years, Kristin Jack published this collection of poems that strive to speak into the impact this magical place and beautiful people had on him. The poems capture something of the heartbreak, the anger, the joy and hope that engulfed and sometimes overwhelmed Kristin. You can read this publication in full online by clicking on the above picture.

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Costly Mission

Costly Mission: Following Jesus Into Neighbourhoods Facing Poverty by Michael Duncan (UNOH Publications 2007). Michael Duncan, former Servants Manila Team Leader, offers this candid personal story of mission in the slums. He speaks honestly of the struggles of an urban missionary and reminds us that such a calling is costly at a personal level. If you are considering full-time urban ministry, you will want to read this before setting out; if you are already engaged in mission, this is a helpful reminder of the price you pay and the reward you receive.

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A rhythm of prayer based on Servants' principles and values. This prayer resource has been written, compiled, and prayerfully crafted by Servants. As you journey through these liturgies, may your heart be enlarged by God's grace and presence.

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Four times each year, Servants publishes a booklet that focuses on one of our five principles or five values. These publications are filled with profound reflections, moving poetry, and inspiring art.